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How Negative SEO is real and still works in 2017 – Case Study

Google Claims their algorithm is now smarter about detecting Negative SEO techniques.  Well, it might be a little smarter, but a determined black hat SEO can do some damage to your site’s rankings. Matt Cutts claims that Negative SEO is extremely rare, but it is real and it is effecting websites rankings every day. I have a client who was the victim of a negative SEO attack. His site is an authority site and has been around for over a decade. His perfect organic link profile was no match for the Panda and Penguin algorithms. He suffered from two different king of Negative SEO attacks. Take a Look at his data from Ahrefs: Negative SEO Attack #1 : Spammy Backlinks His domain was under attack for months. The spammy links contained rich anchor text and porn keywords. The links originated from blog comments and forum profiles. He started losing rankings like crazy. He felt powerless, so he reached out for me for some professional SEO help. At the time, he was ranking for 450,000 Organic keywords on Google, which was an amazing accomplishment. Every day Google Search Console was finding anywhere from 50-100 new referring domains. The worst part about […]

Bill Gates says Content is King

Content is King

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King”. Well its true, Google loves rich long content thats relevant to your websites topic. Google loves blog’s these days. You might be asking, why do I need a blog? I don’t want to do that. Having a blog increases your amount of keywords you rank for on your website and will naturally rank you higher in Google Search. You can also link back to your topic pages throughout your website and pass on link juice and page authority. It doesn’t matter whether or not your customers read your blog, Google WILL. They want to see your website is relevant to the topic and niche you are in. If your an ecommerce site selling fidget spinners for example, a blog can set you apart from the rest. Google will see you have all kings of articles related to fidget spinners and deem your site a higher authority website. This will bring you in higher in the Search Engine Ranking Position and thus bring in more sales. Having a blog is great, but it is alot of work to write quality keyword and topic relevant articles. That is why we have […]